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Alex ([personal profile] girlinthechair) wrote2012-08-14 11:41 am

Happy belated birthday, Heidi!

I'm too lazy to do big, giant glitter text. Also, my dog, cat, and I have been held hostage in our apartment all day by construction workers installing new stuff.

Also, Does anyone know anyone who wants to go to Dragon*Con, lives within driving distance of Ann Arbor or Detroit, but can't afford travel or hotel? Because I'll have space in my hotel room and room in the van I'm taking down there. I just need someone to drive part of the way. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Even if you don't need a hotel room, if you wanted to help with the driving it would be a free trip down.
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I'm not going to Dragon*Con nor do I live in Ann Arbor/Detroit anymore, nor can I drive long distances (oops), BUT it just occurred to me, have you tried posting in the comms for [ profile] ann_arbor_ypsi, [ profile] umstudents, or on zimride or craigslist or something? You might end up with a stranger, but maybe you could find someone to help drive anyway. Anyway, I wish you luck finding someone! It's tough, I have tried to find ppl to drive me from Indiana to Michigan and never had luck myself.